Our Journey

Dreaming Big

“From a very young age, God gave me love and compassion for orphan children –

I dreamed of being a part of their lives and showing the love of a Heavenly Father that could so miraculously fill the void of not having an earthly one. I shared this dream of mine with my close friends who were of the same heart and they joined me in my dreaming. We visited/lived at orphanages, started pen pal interactions between orphan children and youth in the States, and hosted a variety of events to raise awareness and support for these children. But all the while, we knew God was calling us to more. We knew it was time to make our dream a reality…

Finding Mocorito Sinaloa

September 2015

After months of prayer, seeking God’s will, and diligent research, God led me to a place called Mocorito, Sinaloa where I discovered that the local church already had the same mission in mind. After doing some more research in the local town and surrounding cities, it was confirmed that there is a high need for a safe home for children who have been orphaned, abused, and/or neglected. Returning home, I shared my testimony with friends of the same vision and quickly a team of passionate people put their hands to the plow.
As a young girl with a big vision, I stepped into the unknown, completely trusting God to show me where he was calling me. Little did I know that that trip would change my life forever.”
-Yana Opanasevych

An Unexpected Blessing

March 2017

Our team began praying and fasting for God to provide enough finances to purchase land for Safehome. Thanks to generous givers, we finally reached our financial goal. As we planned a trip to Mocorito to buy the land, we received a phone call from a local Pastor. We were told that a family from Mocorito had been praying for God to show them how they could be a part of this project. The news that came next was completely unexpected. The couple said that God was calling them to donate 5 acres of their land for Safehome.

Getting the Wheel Rolling

September 2018

In preparation for our move to Mocorito, we met with and read books of experienced, educated, and God-fearing people who have ministered cross-culturally before us. We soaked in knowledge, critically considering all the advice and insights we received. The most sobering thing we learned was that cross-cultural ministry, if not done correctly, can do more damage than good. Grateful for the opportunity to learn from experts, we prayed that God would give us wisdom to apply this knowledge in our ministry and avoid bringing harm, instead of help, to the community. In addition to learning from experts, we continuously fasted and prayed for this vision, grew together as a team, and organized fundraisers. One summer, our team split up to volunteer with different organizations in Central America in effort to familiarize ourselves with the culture and language, and learn from people who had years of experience working towards visions similar to ours.

The Move

October 2018

After years of preparation, we finally moved to Mocorito, Sinaloa. Upon arrival, we immediately began working to ensure that we had all the legal documents necessary to begin building a child development center. Additionally, we prioritized strengthening our relationships with the local residents and ensuring that all the work we do is in partnership with them.

Our Growing Family

December 2018

A month into our stay in Mocorito, a need arose to care for two teenage street boys who’s mother passed away a few months prior. They had no other living relatives to care for them and so with great joy we accepted these two beautiful souls into our Safehome family.

The Building Process

March 2019

Volunteers and hired men are working hard together in the scorching heat to construct the Safehome building. With each new step of building, new people are coming forward to help. We are continuosly in awe of the generosity of Christians who are sacrificing so much for the current and future children of Safehome.

The journey has been long, we face new challenges daily, and we’ve come to realize that implementing in practice what we learned in theory is no easy task. We recognize that there is much we still don’t know, but we are grateful for this opportunity to be lifelong learners. God is in control. We are following His voice.

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