Whether you are picking peanuts in the field, worshipping in a church, shopping for groceries at Ley’s, or eating a juicy mixto de harina taco, you are bound to be interrupted at least 10 times to receive a handshake or a hug from one of the friendly locals of Mocorito.

We love our home in this this tight-knit community. Mocorito is a small, beautiful city with many larger cities surrounding it. It is nestled between green mountains and a couple of small rivers. The city consists of a few schools, a park, some small businesses, colorful shops, tempting restaurants, and unique neighborhoods. The sunshine is always shining and there is life everywhere. The local people are not wealthy, but their generosity and joy are contagious. Mocorito means ‘City of the Dead,’ but we can see that God is breathing new life into this city. Local pastors, true prayer warriors, are planting new churches and many lives are being transformed. We all have much to learn from their selfless love for God’s people.

We are honored to have been called by God to this unique city and are excited to work with the local people to fulfill His purposes. Their passion and desire for Safehome is inspiring. Together, we believe that we can work to create lasting change in the lives of the orphaned, abandoned, abused and/or neglected children of Mocorito and the surrounding cities and villages.

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